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A question of perspective

Change often begins with tension, friction or conflict. This happens when people get annoyed with each other, for example because of a different point of view or behavior. The other person says or does something that you do not find appropriate.

The cause is often underlying structures or processes that no longer match. Working together to search for the sources of your anger can lead to answers and a new shared perspective.

Business mediation

In business environments, business mediation is often a gentle tool to start moving forward again. Together, we look at the nature of the conflict, the stage, scope

and hierarchical relationships. The goal is to work together to resolve the conflict and take a new direction.


I am a certified business mediator and will take responsibility for the proces.  Together we will go through the following steps.

We circumvent the conflict. What is the situation and who is involved?

We highlight the topics. What are the positions and their backgrounds?

We identify change options. Which are the alternatives to the current situation?

Step 4 AGREE
We agree one or more solutions together. With what and how does the conflict end?

We design structural changes and implement them. How do you prevent conflicts in the future?

A new direction

Change on the go® in the field

Initial situation Two director-major shareholders are getting stuck. Their visions of the company’s future strategy seem to be increasingly diverging. A shared direction seems unfeasible. They are about to sell their shares, which would lead to a substantial loss.

Approach LANZ starts with individual exploratory talks. Emphasis is placed on the process and the expectations back and forth. Subsequently LANZ maps out with everyone what is important to her or him. The joint meeting takes place after two preparatory meetings. Each director shares the topics which matter to her of him and, under supervision, discuss the backgrounds and views.

LANZ mirrors, sharpens, keeps asking questions. The parties are gradually taking over control of the conversation. The tension fades away.

Result Through structured and frank reflection, understanding is created. Those involved are again able to reconcile viewpoints and set out lines that both the group and the individual can agree on.

Net time investment customer 4 sessions to restore a constructive balance. 1 semi-annual maintenance session.

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