Business mediation

Changing together – moving, adapting, letting go, developing – in response to a conflict means finding a new balance together. Mediation can support this in business environments. I look at the nature of the conflict, the stage, the scope and the hierarchical relationships. The goal is to overcome the conflict from there and to create a new status quo.


A question of perspective

Change often begins with tension, friction or a conflict. This happens when people get annoyed with each other, for example because of another point of view or behavior. The other person says or does something that you do not find appropriate. Applied structures or processes that are no longer consistent are often the cause. The common search for the source of your anger can lead to answers and a new common perspective.


Business mediation is individual custom work. LANZ is a certified business mediator and trainer and approaches all topics independently, without prejudice and unhindered. I distinguish five steps.

1. Inventory
What is the problem? Identify conflicts.
2. Analysis
What are the positions and their backgrounds? Get insights.
3. Possibilities
What are alternatives to the current situation? Examine scenario‘s.
4. Agreement
With what and how does the conflict end? Agree solutions.
5. Prevention
How do you prevent conflicts in the future? Implement structural changes.

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LANZ works for business service providers, producers, retailers, wholesalers, franchisees, educational institutions, consulting companies, health care and automotive industry.

Business mediation in the field

Case Business Mediation

Manufacturer in The Netherlands

Failure group leader logistics Initial situation

The logistics group leader succumbs to increasing work pressure and fails. The medical officer recommends resuming contact between “employer and employee” with the help of an independent third party.

LANZ begins with one-to-one interviews with the employee and the employer to identify their positions, interests and expectations. LANZ then proposes a joint discussion and summarizes the framework conditions for this. Both parties can agree.

In the joint discussion, the employee and the employer explain their points of view.Together, they create an agenda that offers space to take a deeper look at all topics and to work out the resulting solutions.

By exploring the viewpoints with mutual respect and in a secure manner, contact and trust can be re-established, creating room for new alternatives.

Net time investment: 4 sessions, whereof 2 individual.

Case Conflict- and perspective-coaching

Medical company in The Netherlands

Reorientation director Initial situation

A managing director gets entangled in the same situation again and again. He builds up increasing frustration. The inspiration for a new direction is lacking and his energy is limited.

LANZ begins with an inventory of which topics and persons hinder the CEO in the current situation and formulates possible directions to look at.  The director adds his most important work (and life) experiences and (latent) desires and needs in a series of follow-up interviews.

This gradually creates a clear picture of its possibilities. On the basis of a roadmap that leads him from “a to b”, he fills in concrete steps. LANZ coaches and guides the transition with reflections in personal conversations.

Through supportive, holistic and open reflection, insight and confidence in one’s own room for maneuver are created and alternatives become visible, breaking the status quo.

Net time investment: 5 sessions.

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