In almost all areas, teams have to react quickly and independently to internal and external changes. Internet and globalization also make teams bigger and more heterogeneous. Being able to respond well to each other and to the environment has become an important skill.

In an effectively functioning team, members move easily and in a balanced way between “content and relationship”. Failure to do so can create tension, confusion, and resistance. Among other things, the work performance, product quality and working atmosphere are under pressure.


LANZ helps teams to find a good balance between content and relationships, and improve their collaboration and effectiveness. A joint workshop can give a strong impulse and concretely show opportunities for development. By analyzing the result and translating it into a growth strategy for the team, a quick and goal-oriented change is possible.

Hit & Change

With LANZ Hit & Change you can completely control your team development with only two strong “impulses” per year. By zooming in directly to the signals for change I can identify the underlying essentials in a very short time. Each impulse session focuses solely on what is really 

important and directly implementable for the team and / or team members at this point in time. Hit & Change is easy to integrate into your daily work. The result is a targeted individual and collective growth of your team (or workgroup, department, project).

It is the long history of humankind
that those who learned
to collaborate and improvise
most effectively have prevailed.

- Charles Darwin -

Learning change on the go®

The training change on the go® you will help you to learn to recognise signals for change and translate them into effective interventions, development and growth. You practice topics such as dealing with contradictory realities and apparent coincidences, understanding what matters in given situations and seeing the big picture without losing sight of relevant details. You will learn how to achieve

 fast results with minimal adjustments and experience the effect of different leadership styles. Together with my network, I offer you relevant theories, concepts and tools that you can immediately adopt and implement directly in your own practice. You can follow the training change on the go® integral or modulair as an individual, but also as in-company training.

During your training change on the go® you will learn to:

Overseeing the big picture

  • Processual and interactive fairness as a permanent prerequisite for shared change
    Change concepts and tools
  • Speed of Trust – Trust as a catalyser for change
  • Your personal share of changes

Understanding contexts

  • The context of the contact
  • Analyze force fields
  • Emotional intelligence
  • The charming confrontator
  • Empathy as a connecting element for change
  • Change Management by Business Mediation (Part 1)


Enlarging range of action: 

  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Design Thinking
  • Perspectives coaching
  • Creative methods in change processes
  • Change Management by Business Mediation (Part 2)

Developing common perspectives

  • Gaming theory
  • Sustainable decision-making according to the Harvard model
  • Change Management by Business Mediation (Part 3)

Creating new realities

  • Traveling light
  • Effectuation Theory
  • Business Modeling
  • Organizational forms that support change on the go®

Ensuring sustainability

  • Change Navigator
  • Digital tools for continuity and self-management
  • Real-time development
  • System requirements for changes in the change


LANZ trains leaders and employees of business service providers, producers, retailers, wholesalers, franchisees, educational institutions, consulting companies, health care and automotive industry.

Want to know more about team development, supervise change processes or coaching? Mail LANZ and make an appointment.

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