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Most people are willing to change, but do not want to be changed. Understanding why reorganisation is necessary helps to get moving. LANZ encourages all stakeholders in the reorganisation process to become owners of their own movement.

Reorganisation in three steps

In the essence reorganisation is easy when all involved people take care of each other. LANZ investigates all forces impacting the common field of operation. And the possibilities of each one to influence and drive one’s own reorganisation.


Stakeholder Management
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Space and time

Reorganisation in practice

The head office has decided to merge two business units as part of a global reorganisation. In the Netherlands, formal approval by the works council is awaited. What exactly has to happen in order for the teams to merge successfully, and how, is in limited view.

LANZ starts with individual discussions with the ‘continuing’ and the ‘separating’ leaders to bring to the surface everything they think could help the development of the new business unit. The leaders then discuss their visions together and agree on how long the separating one will stay involved. In the next step, the staying leader presents their ideas to the managers and agrees on the follow-up. Leader and management opt for an open space workshop with all employees to map out all the issues.

In a second workshop, the same participants deepen the identified topics. Independent working groups then devise an approach and implement the plans agreed with management – supported by peer supervision.

Offering all stakeholders step-by-step and well-informed space to be co-designers of the new team not only creates support and acceptance, but also a clear picture of the impact of the reorganisation.

Net time spent: 2 workshops, 3 intervisions, 1 individual coaching.

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