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In almost all organizations, teams are constantly faced with changes. Technology and globalization are also leading to ever larger and more varied teams. Being able to respond flexibly to each other and to the environment has therefore become a crucial skill.


Effective teams have a productive balance. If this is absent or insufficient, tension, confusion and resistance increase. Work performance, product quality and working atmosphere come under pressure.

On the go


How do you keep your team sharp, motivated and engaged? Looking openly for answers together can lead into a shared new equation. Offen it is small things which have a big impact.  Therefore, relatively small adjustment can lead to results for people and organisation.

1. Transparency What are the hard and soft factors influencing the current situation? Critical look at the status quo resulting in a force field analysis.

2. Ownership How can we break the status quo? Short list identification of everyone’s ability to shift gears and determine matters themselves. You get moving.

3. Resilience How can we sustain the movement?  Leadership development in order to adapt ‘on the go’ and keep a grip on work performance, product quality and working atmosphere on your own. You speed up.

LANZ can support you with every question and every step, with an appropriate working method or and / or tool. Just as long, or as short, as it takes to get started. Once moving, it often goes by itself. And always on.

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It is the long history of humankind
that those who learned
to collaborate and improvise
most effectively have prevailed.

- Charles Darwin -

Change on the go® in the field

Initial situation
A team at a fast-growing company that produces products containing ingredients hazardous to humans with very limited shelf life is struggling with delivery reliability.

LANZ decides to use Human Factors for broadening insights. In an initial session, promoting and impeding patterns in the TOP (Technology, Organisation, Person) force field are explored. A guest speaker in the field of emergency management offers to share his knowledge and experience. The outcome of the first session is that both further standardisation and behavioural conformity are necessary to increase delivery reliability, especially when technical improvements are not possible for a while.

In a second session, the agreements made are reviewed. What is running? What needs to be adjusted? Standardising the composition of the team appears to bear immediate fruit. In case of production deviations, the team manages to keep calm. Mimicry of group dynamics then once again reveals in an accessible way where more focus is needed.

Many small steps ultimately ensured that the absolute number of incidents remained constant. Under control or even improvement? Both, when measured against the interim turnover growth of 30%. Once again, human influence proved to be more enriching than we often think.

Net time investment customer
2 workshops.

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