Responding well to each other and to the environment is a crucial skill for effective cooperation. If this is not, or insufficiently the case, tension, confusion and resistance can increase. Performance, quality and relationships come under pressure. As for instance the delivery reliability of a fast-growing company, which produces products with ingredients dangerous to humans with a very limited shelf life. Experience shows, and this case study confirms, that it is often small things that matter. And that a TOP (Technology, Organisation, Person) session, in which the core topic is approached from both technology, organisation and also person, quickly identifies the relatively minor adjustments, which can immediately translate into results.

LANZ is coaches and trains teams in developing or safeguarding the ability to respond well to each other and to the environment. It is often small things that are of great importance. Relatively small adjustments can therefore quickly translate into results for people and organisations.


How does your team stay sharp, motivated and engaged? By starting from what affects your people in the team, and not just from rules and regulations. It turns out to be a tried-and-tested approach, which helped the interdisciplinary team that was struggling with the delivery reliability of products with ingredients dangerous to humans.

1. Seeing What are the hard and soft factors influencing the current situation and low delivery reliability, respectively? Critical look at the status with human factors as a capstone and, to complement the programme, guest speaker in the field of disaster management to share additional knowledge and experience. The identified factors are categorised according to the TOP (Technology, Organisation, Person) framework.

2. Influencing How can we break the status quo? Investigation of everyone’s ability to switch and determine matters themselves, respectively conclusion that both further standardisation and also behavioural compliance are necessary to increase delivery reliability, especially if technical improvements are not possible for a while.

On the go

3. Strengthen How can we keep up the movement? Coaching and training on hard and soft skills to be able to move ‘on the go’ and keep a grip on performance, quality and relationships, respectively highlighting intervention forms in case of calamities, mimicking and defining and training desired behaviour.

Many small steps ultimately ensured that the absolute number of incidents remained constant. In particular, the standardisation of shift composition and strict adherence to the updated protocol in case of production deviations proved to bear immediate fruit. Under control or even improvement? Both, when measured against the interim turnover growth of 30%. Once again, human influence proved to have been more far-reaching than we often think.

Net time spent client
2 workshops.

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