In almost all organizations, teams constantly have to deal with changes. Through technology and globalization, teams are also becoming larger and more varied. Being able to respond well to each other and to the environment has become a crucial skill.


Effective teams have a productive balance. If that is not or insufficient the case, then tension, confusion and resistance increase. Work performance, product quality and working atmosphere get under pressure.


How do you keep your team alert, motivated and involved? How do you ensure that employees take the initiative themselves? How do you stay informed if your employees

are working on different locations? How do you prevent unwanted outflows, or even more annoyingly: outages? Change on the go® gives you  structures and instruments.

On the go

Training change on the go® for managers

Change on the go® helps you to deploy your personal style to manage repetitive change professionally. You practice topics such as dealing with different realities and apparent coincidences, understanding what does and does not matter and how to



keep the overview without losing sight of relevant details. You learn how to connect to your people without compromising your professional distance. You experience how you can achieve results without exerting power. And you explore the effectiveness of different leadership styles.


Change on the go® is based on the principle of applied science. Theoretical approaches, directions and methods are directly put into practice through practical examples, simulation and interaction. Regular evaluations and reflections

support the development of your personal leadership style. You can follow change on the go® – whether or not in company – individually or in groups as an integral or modular course.

It is the long history of humankind
that those who learned
to collaborate and improvise
most effectively have prevailed.

- Charles Darwin -

Core topics of the  training change on the go® for managers

Contract formation in human processes: terms for converting signals for change in interventions, development and growth.

Work cognitively intuitively: introduction to system theory and emotional intelligence, working with emotions to accelerate change processes.

Making abstract concrete: how research methods can help limit complexity, work from different contexts and scenarios.

Working with hypotheses: structuring the problem, mapping for change, influence of organization and culture in shaping changes.

Sustainable negotiation: pitfalls for suboptimal results, achieving optimum results through delegation, the dilemma of the informal hierarchy.


Targeted work: design thinking and entrepreneurship model as a starting point for identification and implementation of measures.

Reaction in action: holocracy as an organizational form for self-management, influence and limitation of process supervisors, digital support in organizing continuous change.

Effective leadership: insight into current leadership theories, experiencing their effectiveness, analysis of and reflection on personal leadership style.

Accelerating by slowing down: retrospective as a filter and catalyst for continuous change, development of personal leadership and (business) model.


Teamecho is a digital instrument that provides almost continuous insight into the focus, workload and motivation of your team (s) and individual employees. Teamecho also provides information about team collaboration. Employees can use Teamecho continuously to better organise themselves.

An (analogous) alternative to Teamecho is two hit & grow sessions per year. In these workshops we collectively identify signals for change, place them in the context of the organization and enable and support the participants to choose their battles.

Alternatives to facilitate sustainable change?

Whether it concerns coaching, education, training or feedback, or a project, training, workshop, discussion, meeting or a walk. I would appreciate to look for the best fit together.

Interested in getting started with (self) organisation of continuous change? Mail or call me for an introduction.

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