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Most people are willing to change, but do not want to be changed. Understanding why change is necessary and acquiring additional knowledge or new behaviors on your own accord is much more enjoyable and effective.

LANZ organises and directs change, with an agenda that ensure transparency, autonomy and ownerhsip. Whereby everyone takes ownership of the issues, which they want to influence and drive.

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Space and time

Change on the go® in the field

Initial situation A company is struggling with a high level of absenteeism. Various measures such as the introduction of a vitality program, personal conversations and training have no effect.

Approach LANZ is organising a workshop with employees who are currently experiencing sickness absence, recovered from it or at risk. LANZ supports them in a first step to define their own context for vitality and, in a second step, to create it. For this, observations and findings are collected from the participants. Subsequently, promoting and obstructing patterns are identified and the employees contribute initial ideas.

The outcomes are presented to management and tested together for desirability, feasibility and profitability.For the best scoring ideas prototypes are developed by employees and tested in practice.

Critical reflection in groups supports the further development into services and products that are widely received by the organization and can therefore easily be incorporated. Management is informed at regular intervals about progress and makes adjustments where necessary.

Result Organisation-wide awareness of vitality including improvement of the process for picking up and channelling signals of declining vitality leads to a 60% reduction in absenteeism. Insight that vitality is also influenced by domestic circumstances and that employees should be endorsed with more control.

Net time investment customer 3 workshops, 3 reviews and retrospectives.

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