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Make time?

Too busy, or under pressure? A short delay may help. Stepping back for a moment. Relaxing, exploring other viewpoints and reviewing frameworks. Making time for each other and new insights. To then be able to cycle with loose hands again.

I am happy to be your host and ‘assisting foreman.’ It is often the small things that are of great importance. Relatively small adjustments can therefore quickly translate into results for people and organisations.

Save time!

During the workshop, we look at all the factors that influence the joint force field. We especially look at what affects people, and not just at rules and regulations. And at everyone’s ability to shift gears and determine matters themselves.

As LANZ, I monitor the process, mirror, dig deeper, summarise and bring to the point.  You gather new insights in a short space and agree on how what kind adjustments needs to be done where. You start, or keep moving.

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Workshop in action

A healthcare company is struggling with excessive absenteeism. A series of measures and training courses aimed at increasing employee vitality did not have the desired effect.

LANZ decides to work with a representative cross-section of the organisation. These include people who are sick at home. In an initial workshop, all participants identify their needs and obstacles. Following this, the participants work out concrete measures and present them in a follow-up meeting to management and, subsequently, to the rest of the organisation.


Organisation-wide awareness of vitality, including improvement of the process for receiving and channelling signals of declining vitality, leads to a 60% reduction in absenteeism due to illness. Insight that vitality is also influenced by domestic circumstances and more control must be given to the employee.

Net time spent by client
One workshop followed by presentation to management. Then elaboration of concrete actions and relate to rest of organisation under supervision of LANZ.

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