A question of perspective

An automotive supplier fails to improve efficiency. Despite continuous attention and interventions, they continue to underperform, failing to meet the agreements made with the market. Penalty claims threaten.

LANZ set to work for the manufacturing company, opting for a cross-hierarchy programme involving the three dimensions top-management, middle-management and operation. Experience shows that the source can often be found in underlying structures or processes that no longer fit together. And that looking for the source together can quickly lead to answers and a shared new perspective.

Time and space

On the same page

What immediately transpired: first, the executive team was not aligned and overdue maintenance needed to be done first. Second, the finance department had defined an efficiency key figure in ‘own production’. Colleagues in production had no idea how this key figure had come about and what factors could have influenced it. They were only judged on it. Thirdly, during the workshop it became clear that especially the people who had the greatest influence on efficiency were not able to communicate well with each other due to different cultural backgrounds.

The team leaders from controlling and production, together with the team leaders and foremen, take care of the key figure and identify how and what. Production efficiency increases by 30% within three months. In the meantime, measures are also implemented to promote communication on the shop floor. The effective breakthrough comes by involving all dimensions in the company and identifying what issues are hindering efficiency improvements and exchanging ideas and insights in a transparent, safe and structured way, and then consistently implementing them with conviction and vigour.

Net time commitment
3 interviews, 1 preliminary meeting, 1 workshop.

Curious about other applications and case studies? You can find them here. For larger or more complex multi-actor issues, I put together a special change team from my (Umbrex) network.

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