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Need to sink your teeth into a topic together?

For instance, to realise a  breakthrough, to improve performance, to increase efficiency, to reduce absenteeism or to shape reorganisations.

Stepping back for a moment helps. Exploring other recipes and reviewing your own strategies. Making time for each other and the ingredients that really matter. To then keep going lightheaded and with a clear mind again.

Further to recipes to sink your teeth into a topic  individually, in teams, with a department, across hierarchies or organisation-wide . Or to get more effective leaders or mentally fitter employees.

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Hi, I’m Alex. As LANZ, I serve people in organisations with recipes for collaboration and problem-solving. More

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We live more and more in world of data and analytics? But to what extent does it really give us control over our choices and what our lives look like? The book The Fortune Cookie Factory could help you to sort out. More

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Programmes. Workshops. Training courses. Change on the go® works. At both service-providing and producing companies in economy and care. More