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Changing together – moving, adapting, letting go and developing – means growing with each other.

As LANZ I can help people in organisation with this. I refer to what affects people, en not to regularities. Often it is small things that are of great importance. As a result, relatively small changes can quickly break through the status quo.

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‘Travelling light’ helps with change.
Structures which are oppressing rather
than giving hold become obsolete.
Space and desire to change are your new security. 

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Searching together for the reasons for hinders in the interaction can lead to answers and a new common perspective.

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Performing together means continuously searching  for a new balance with each other.

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Make time. Save time. A short delay can maximally speed up your team.

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Results by business service providers, retailers, wholesale companies, franchise companies, educational institutions, consulting firms, healthcare organisations, pharmaceutical companies and producers with change on the go®.

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I am Alex. As LANZ I help people in organisations to move without wandering off of their anchors.

To my background and philosophy

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LANZ is responsible for the content of this website and does its utmost to display all information correctly and completely. Is something not correct or is something not working properly? Then let me know and send me an email. I would like to search together for a good solution.