People in motion
The ability to adapt and move forward without drifting away from  your anchors is a growing “art” in our ever-changing world. And not always easy.

As LANZ I help people in organisation to deal effectively with changes, or to improve their performance. Fast and concise, and where necessary supported by my A-Team. The essence is always the same: helping people to be heard and understood by addressing topics that affect them. Hard and soft factors. Big and small things.

I am happy to help. As long, or as short, as it takes to make a start. Once in motion, things often spin on on itself. And always on.

Alex Lanz
I grew up in South-Tyrol, Italy. Currently I do live in Arnhem, The Netherlands, together with my wive and three kids.

Before founding LANZ in 2007, I did work for PwC taking mainly care about optimising processes.

I have background in econometrics (University of Bologna, Italy) and did post-university specialisations in conflict management, change management and system design.

I am a certified business mediator and do speak German, Dutch, Italian and English. And I am always looking forward to meet new people. I you do too, please mail or call me.

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Lanz Organisatie & Advies BV
Van Pallandtstraat 45
NL • 6814 GN Arnhem

+31 (0)6 2096 3032 |
KvK Arnhem: 50588664
BTW: NL 8228 22623 B01

LANZ is responsible for the content of this website and does its utmost to display all information correctly and completely. Is something not correct or is something not working properly? Then let me know and send me an email. I would like to search together for a good solution.