In control

Nobody likes being changed. Understanding why change is necessary and acquiring further knowledge, attitude, or behavior is far more enjoyable and effective. Change on the go® encourages all those involved in the change process to become owners for their own movement.


In the essence change is very easy when all involved people take care of each other. Change on the go® synchronizes the change process. All participants bring their wishes and perceptions respectfully and transparently together in three steps.

‘Travelling light’ helps with change. Structures which are oppressing rather than giving hold are unnecessarily heavy. Safety and desire to change are your new hand luggage.

Making the Big small

Those looking for a new balance for themselves and others will benefit from zooming in and out. Making the Big small makes the next step clear. LANZ supports seeing the big picture without losing sight of relevant details. 

Together with you and other involved persons, I consider all factors of the common force field. And the possibilities of each one to influence and drive one’s own topics. As a result, apparently small adjustments often have a big impact quickly.

On the go in three steps

Moving in motion is faster than braking, stopping, adjusting and accelerating again. Working together on the go to discuss the issues that really matter and resolve 

boundaries results in change within three steps. Teamecho® supports you during and after the proces and facilitates self-control and counteracting.

  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2
  3. Step 3

LANZ works for business service providers, producers, retailers, wholesalers, franchisees, educational institutions, consulting companies, health care and automotive industry.

Change on the go® in the field


Retailer | The Netherlands |  Underperformance

Initial situation
The performance of a retailer lags behind. Various process interventions, improvement measures, personal discussions and incentives have no effect. Shortly after the first, the second reorganization follows.

LANZ inventories the situation with the team leader and organizes a workshop. Here, the team leader announces the necessary second reorganization and then leaves the room. His team members reflect the message and then – independently – develop alternatives to change the situation. The team leader comes back and listens to the ideas of his team. He evaluates this at a later date



and sets out what measures he wants to implement and which not. He links his decisions back to the team. The team, in turn, further elaborates the approved alternatives, adjusts them if necessary, and implements the action.

By alternately presenting and reacting to it, and by independently developing and executing alternatives through team members, space, understanding for one another’s standpoints, problem-solving abilities, and finally pooling forces for the second reorganization arise.


Manufacturer | Germany | Efficiency issues

Initial situation
One of the key performance indicator oft he production facility is the production efficiency. Despite continuous attention and interventions, it is not possible to increase it. As a result, the number of units is structurally below plan so that delivery obligatoin are not well met.

LANZ starts with individual interviews with the members of the management team and inventories the personally perceived factors that hamper efficiency, control and control. LANZ reflects these issues in a joint meeting with management and helps them to develop a shared vision. In a joint workshop, the management presents their analyzes and ideas to the team leaders, foremen and


machine operators from the factory. Then they leave the meeting. The operational staff subseqeuntly shares their views and develops suggestions for improvement from their own perspective. LANZ helps to translate these into concrete measures and planning. The team-leaders then present their suggestions to the management, who later makes comprehensible decisions from the plans.

By analysing at all levels of the company, which aspects may affect the efficiency increase, and exchanging ideas and insights transparently, safely and in a structured manner, a breakthrough results and the production efficiency improves significantly with minor adjustments.

Developer  | The Netherlands | Merger

Initial situation
The head office decided to merge two development teams. In the Netherlands, there is a wait for formal approval by the works council. What exactly needs to be done to bring the teams together successfully is unclear.


Teamleaders and management opt for an open-space workshop with all staff to address all issues. In a second workshop, the same participants develop first frameworks for the identified topices. Independent workgroups, supported by peer intervsion, then develop an approach and implement tailor-made plans aligned with management.

Involving all participants from the very beginning in a step-wise and well-informed manner as a co-designer of the new team creates common ground and acceptance as well as a clear picture of the scope of the teamintegration.

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