on the go ®

On the move together

Moving in the movement is faster than braking, stopping, adjusting and speeding up again.



Leaders who move ‘on the go’ always get a grip.


Change on the go® leadership development is a special selection of the certified Business Coach & Mediator training, in our opinion the repertoire of a leader today. The programme consists of three modules in which you explore, learn and experience:

1. How do you keep moving? (1.5 days)
Leaders are and remain the pivotal points of a company. In the first module we explore together how they turn, in which situations they might twist or overtighten. For this purpose, we hold personal leadership strategies up to the light and critically reflect them. Dialogues with external

interlocutors offer in-depth insights and support the process of calibrating the personal leadership compass.

2. How do you keep your team moving? (2 days)
A team without a leader is still a team. But what is a leader without a team? A critical look at leadership in a team – when, where and how to intervene – is central to this module. Participants will be sensitised to their role in the field of forces and will be given proven interventions to get and stay in motion together. The module ends with an expert dialogue on “Leading in and through tough times”.


On the go

3. How do you ensure that your organisation is always one step ahead? (2 days)
Creating guard rails that give direction and provide space for new things. To do this, the leaders analyse the common corporate culture on site, identify driving and restraining forces and resolve any contradictions in a structured dialogue. Strengthened by the experience of open interaction with each other,


your leaders reconcile the strategic goals and agree on how they can support each other in achieving them.

The leadership programme can be tailored to the learning and development goals of your organisation. To experience opportunities, but also limitations of leadership in the digital age, the second module takes place virtually. Learn more?  Mail or call me.





It is the long history of humankind
that those who learned
to collaborate and improvise
most effectively have prevailed.

- Charles Darwin -

Leadership development in practice

A fast-growing international organization wants to strengthen the backbone of their leadership by means of a leadership program that facilitates, among other things, the following transfer. How do you get people moving? How do you create a framework in which people are self-initiating, proactive and motivated? How do you positively sustain this ecosystem? How do you build a high performance team? What role do you take on as a leader? How do you keep the energy in the team, even when things are tough? How do you keep the energy flowing in the first place? How do you manage yourself, and how do you manage others? How do you create safety in the team so that existing structures can be continuously broken?

LANZ’s change on the go@ leadership program proved to be a perfect fit for these objectives.


In preliminary discussions with stakeholders from the organization, the focal points for each module are once again coordinated. For each module, in consultation with the client, a suitable guest speaker from the world of top sport is approached and a unique location chosen in central Europe.

A tailor-made leadership program that takes into account everyone’s situation and therefore maximizes learning performance. Moreover, during the three modules interaction and reflection on both top and bottom stream are highlighted and lived through. Silent killers (also read related blog Leadership training effective after clean up silent killers) are addressed and solved on the go, which makes it a leadership experience that not only makes a direct link to practice, but also turns the group into one team.

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