Plato’s philosophy may help to develop better relationships

Plato's philosophy

In a world that is changing at lightning speed and where rules and structures are no longer in line with each other, change philosophy may fill the resulting vacuum. Many ideas and reflections from great thinkers from the past are still current and applicable. From time to time I make an excursion to thoughts and thinking models that can offer an orientation. This time I would like to share Plato’s view on relationships.

Be wiser in relationships
One of Plato’s (400 BC) viewpoints is that a relationship is an attempt by two people to become better together. One helps the other and vice versa. That means that we can only develop through interaction. The other offers us missing pieces in our own evolution. According to Plato we meet in our lives people who help us take the next step. We should therefore be less proud and combative in our relationships. Accept that we are not perfect, and give each other the chance to learn things. Plato sees good relationships as commitments in which people support each other to become a better version of themselves.

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