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In almost all organizations, teams are constantly faced with changes. Technology and globalization are also leading to ever larger and more varied teams. Being able to respond flexibly to each other and to the environment has therefore become a crucial skill.


If this is not done or not done sufficiently, misunderstandings quickly arise. Tension and resistance have an impact on team performance. The quality, reliability and working atmosphere are under pressure.


Most people want to change, but don’t want to be changed. Insight into the reason or the need to change often sets things in motion. LANZ can effectively guide and accelerate this process.

As a business coach, I create guidance on the way to a new shared perspective thanks to business mediation interventions.

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Want to move forward and build trust in change: how do you achieve that? The starting point differs per team and per situation. The questions you start with are not. Seeking answers together will help each team to get moving.

1. Create commitment. What does everyone need to break their status quo? What does the team need to move together? What factors hinder the team? How can we free ourselves from that?

2. Share views. How does each team member view the issue or the goal? What do we perceive when we involve all our senses? What do we see, hear, feel, think and say?

3. Determine focus. What do we want to achieve? What will really help us further? What gives us confidence? What are we still unsure about? How can we overcome that?

4. Get started. Which actions can we take today? And what can we achieve tomorrow? What talents and resources do we have? How can we use it optimally? How do we keep each other sharp? What can we trust blindly together?

5. Stay on track. How can we make adjustments without disrupting the process? Which tools do we need? How do we ultimately create a shared environment in which “how” is more important than “what”?

LANZ can support you with every question and every step, with an appropriate working method or and / or tool. Just as long, or as short, as it takes to get started. Once moving, it often goes by itself. And always on.

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It is the long history of humankind
that those who learned
to collaborate and improvise
most effectively have prevailed.

- Charles Darwin -

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LANZ trains leaders and employees of business service providers, producers, retailers, wholesalers, franchisees, educational institutions, consulting companies, health care and automotive industry.

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Whether it concerns coaching, education, training or feedback, or a project, training, workshop, discussion, meeting or a walk. I like to find the best approach together.

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