Think ‘Design’. Redesign thinking. 

In a world in which structures, planning and authority offer less and less control over reality, Design Thinking seems to be the solution for everything: flexible, customer-oriented and smooth prototype-development that quickly translates into commercial success. Nothing wrong with it. Except that you mak from Design Thinking a methode and do not fully utilize the potential of the idea.

Design Thinking is definitely trendy and promising, but certainly not new. In his book The Sciences of the Artificial in 1969, Herbert Simon distinguished for the first time between analytical thinking, a process by which thoughts are ‘chopped into pieces’, and design-oriented thinking that ‘builds up ideas’.

Post-it Notes
The fact that the business world now embraces Design Thinking all over the world is a big risk. Namely the same fate that also affects many other complex visions: a radical simplification in the form of a toolkit for everyone. In this case: a one size fits all-step plan full of Post-its, mindmaps and visualisations.

People-oriented getting started
Design Thinking is much more. The thinking system focuses on people with all their needs, wishes, fears, barriers, goals and values. A simple Design Thinker only looks at the customer. A full-fledged Design Thinker involves all people in the process in his or her thinking. He or she develops new frameworks that can continuously respond to ever-changing realities. In fact, this reduces complexity. Instead of imposing and checking matters, the Design Thinker creates space in which employees can develop and build something new themselves.

‘You never change something by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing obsolete.’
Buckminster Fuller

Also cycling with loose hands? Design Thinking leads to the best results in (work) environments where the most diverse thoughts may arise and always get professional feedback. Leave your toolkit at home and give space to a company culture that thinks and acts in a natural, human way and continually adapts. Have you ever designed an ecosystem?


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